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14 home projects that cost less than 100 dollars

What to do with 100 dollars. Here are 14 ideas.

  1. BedBuild a bed. Sounds crazy but all it needs are four legs under a bigger box frame and small slats across. You can build a twin bed for about 70 dollars and if you plan it right and have virtually no left over waste.
  2. Headboard. Most things are just boxes. Build a big box and place plywood over it. You can then buy some padding and fabric and before you know it, a headboard to go with that bed you just made. You can either screw the headboard to the bed or pin it between the bed frame and a wall.
  3.  Make a pallet coffee table. Build a pallet or find one alongside a dumpster. All it needs is a quick sanding, some paint, and maybe coaster wheels on bottom or a glass slab on top.
  4. Don’t laugh but if you found a few pallets you can then paint, stack, and put them against a wall. Add some cushions on top or screw a plywood backing in and put cushions on that. Congratulations, you have a couch!
  5. Bathroom rack. Just grab some 1×3 pieces or smaller for slats that act as shelves. Attach the slats to a three dimensional box frame and there you have a new towel rack or shelf for your bathroom.
  6. Build a garden box. This can be big or small, just make sure it’s secure enough to hold dirt. If you build them small enough you can attach them to the side of your house so they don’t clutter the ground. Also, consider drill some holes in the bottom to allow the soil to breathe.
  7. Build a floor-mat. It’s becoming more popular to have a wooden mat as your tub rug and it’s an easy DIY. Just make a box out of pieces used for trim, then add an extra piece lengthwise for extra support. Now just attach top slats. Sand and finish.
  8. Make a table. This could be an end table or dinner table. Just make a box, add legs, and add a top. The top can be a solid piece of wood or slats that are pushed together. Just make sure it looks even and sits at the appropriate height before securing it in place.
  9. Earing holder. This time, after you build a box frame, attach wire netting over the front or back to create a functional and vintage-like holder for smaller jewelry.
  10. Bracelet holder. Just get a solid piece of wood and screw in four upright cylinders or smaller trim pieces. Now, take two empty paper towel rolls and attach them to the uprights. With a little paint, you now have a new bracelet holder.
  11. A coat rack. Take a 1×3 piece and attach a few pegs. Hang in a useful spot.
  12. Bottle opener and cache. Build or find a frame and attach a box to the bottom and a bottle opener to the top. Open your bottles and have the caps fall into the box. Sweet.
  13. A checkerboard. Build a box frame, attach a top, tape off and paint squares. Use some old plastic pieces, poker chips, or make your own.
  14. Coasters. Use some mod podge to attach photos, newspaper squares, or ads to the top of square wooden pieces. Apply a clear finish coat and use them as coasters.